Atom Kids Eyewear - Frame Measurements and Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to glasses frames, there are three important dimensions to consider: lens width, bridge width, and temple length. These measurements are typically expressed in millimeters.

The above measurements are often written as three numbers, like 48-16-125 (lens-bridge-temple), and understanding them will help you find the perfect fit for your child.

If you want to measure your child's face at home, you can follow a simple method. To determine the lens width, measure across your child's face at eye level, which will give you an estimate of the lens width required. For the bridge width, measure the width of your child's nose where the glasses' bridge will rest. To measure the temple length, start from the temple, go over the ear, and stop about an inch below the earlobe. Remember to take these measurements in millimeters for consistency with eyewear sizes.

Once you have the measurements, you can use them as a guide when shopping for glasses. Remember that comfort is crucial. The frames should rest comfortably on your child's nose, and the temples should not dig into their ears or head. The lenses should adequately cover your child's field of vision, allowing them to see clearly in all directions.

Finding the perfect glasses for your child doesn't have to be overwhelming. By understanding frame measurements and how to take them, you can confidently choose eyewear that ensures your child's comfort and optimizes their vision.

Remember that the right pair of glasses goes beyond clearer vision; it also enhances your child's confidence and comfort. Stay informed and nurture your child’s vision.

Also, don’t worry we have a free return policy* incase our eyewear doesn’t fit